Meditone Pro




Concentrated Bio-Stimulation is the unique feature of this unit.




It counts 10 electronically separated outlets which supply 20 specially conceived electrodes via patented Bioptic leads, with individual intensity controls and a Safe Start device that prevents accidental stimulation before the beginning of a Program.

Five pre-set Sequential Programs rotate through optimum parameters, offering the Therapist a magic tool with which fantastic bodyshaping can be achieved. The presence of the special Ultrawave signal and TENS Microcurrent ensures maximum comfort.

Ultrafast Inchloss gives very quick and long lasting results as its energetic contractions produce a strong tightening of the muscles.

Concentrated Slimming provides precise exercise for muscles that have lost their elasticity, reducing waist, tummy, hips and thigh measurements whilst also toning the skin.

Cellulite Reduction will increase circulation, improve the skin’s texture and appearance, helping to reduce Cellulite and superficial fat.

Sports Training helps to optimise physical performance and reduce the risk of injury for men and women that practise sports and enjoy outdoor pursuits.

Detox and Rehabilitation is designed to flush toxins away and accelerate muscle recovery, rehabilitating without stress or fatigue.

A manual facility is also available allowing the Therapist to alter the settings to suit the specialised needs of her/his clients.


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